Helping frustrated mothers of sporty teens achieve nutrition know-how by using my experience to simplify science

Are you a mother of sporty kids?  

Do you feel they are always hungry?
Are they always looking in the fridge for food?
Are you worried they are eating too much?
Are you confused by the ‘buzzwords’ in nutrition? 

Has the coach given you a food plan that you have n't a clue what to do with?

Would you like to know how much they really need to eat?
What’s best to eat before and after training?
Would you like to be able to show them how to best fuel for their sport?

 If so, I can help!

I will look at the teen and their current diet. Get to know likes, dislikes, needs – what they will actually eat!
Then go through the basics, break down the myths, see what ‘science’ says is the best way to fuel for sport

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My name is Katherine O Loughlin and I am a performance nutrition coach.

I have seen the difference nutrition can make but I have also seen how difficult it can be with kids.

As a mother, who was never sporty, I just didn’t know how to feed my kids properly for their sport

I was trying to force my habits on them, when everything they did was completely different to what I was doing.

Let me help you figure out what your child needs.

Kids are never too young to learn, in fact, the younger you start the better!

Remove the hassle...