Nutrition Consultancy

Increasing athletic performance with foods you love!

No more struggling to order off the menu!

No more guilt for enjoying a couple of beers!

No more calorie counting headaches!


Instead let’s get your existing food preferences working for you!


Fix portions to increase performance

Optimise your race recovery time

Save time and enjoy your food without affecting your mindset!


Sound good? Then read on…

My mission is to support you in incorporating everyday food in the correct quantities to help you optimise performance and recovery, so you don’t waste time calorie counting and tracking, yet still achieve faster times.

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My name is Katherine O Loughlin and I am a sports nutrition coach.

I help athletes like yourself better understand food types and know what each macro can do to help you meet your goals and achieve better performance.

You can find out more about my background and approach surrounding nutrition here

You don’t need the hassle and complications of endless tracking, calorie counting and high-level maths to reach your performance goals.

That’s my job!

Life is busy, take out the overcomplicating and let me give you a nutritional strategy that’s headache free!

Remove the hassle...