Katherine O Loughlin, Performance Nutritionist

About me

I have always loved food and have delved into diets and fad eating trends for most of my life.

After having my two children I wanted to make a healthy change.

I started taking my exercise practices more seriously and made sure the kids loved sports.

It soon became noticeably apparent the effect food had on their athletic performance so I decided to study nutrition to be best prepared to help them be the best they could be.

Taking an evidence based approach, I studied with Martin MacDonald at MAC Nutrition Uni after hearing about it on Danny Lennon’s podcast one day. 

There is a lot of noise and myths in the fitness world and using science to support opinions I am here to help you improve performance and optimise recovery whilst enjoying everyday food in correct quantities.

I do the math, you enjoy the race!

I am based in a small town in Mayo, West of Ireland where I live with my husband and children.

Not only do I support athletes to reach their athletic goals, I also provide corporate wellness services and school talks.

The results seen on a corporate wellness programme include stress reduction, increased energy and reduced sick days.

Boosting morale within your company leads to increased productivity and improved staff relations.

To invest in your valued employees click here and we can discuss your requirements so I can provide a presentation tailored to your company’s needs.

Alternatively, if you are a school, there are many benefits to consider when inviting a nutritionist to talk to your pupils.

Dependent on student age, I engage and include the children in up to date and relevant information they can apply to their lifestyle, empowering and strengthening their knowledge of their own physical health.

These talks facilitate the physical health module in SPHE and many schools are embracing the importance of good physical health on emotional wellbeing for students.

Simply click below to discuss your schools requirements and arrange your school talk on nutrition tailored to your classes needs

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