Katherine O Loughlin, Performance Nutritionist

About me

I have always loved food and have delved into diets and fad eating trends for most of my life.

After having my two children I wanted to make a healthy change.

I started taking my exercise practices more seriously and made sure the kids loved sports.

It soon became noticeably apparent the effect food had on their athletic performance so I decided to study nutrition to be best prepared to help them be the best they could be.

Taking an evidence based approach, I studied with Martin MacDonald at MAC Nutrition Uni . 

There is a lot of noise and myths in the fitness world and using science to support opinions I am here to help you improve performance and optimise recovery whilst enjoying everyday food in correct quantities.

I do the math, you enjoy the race!

I am based in a small town in Mayo, West of Ireland where I live with my husband and children.

I support athletes to reach their athletic goals.

Often,  nutrition is overlooked or people think that it will be too complicated to make the right choices. I like to show you how what foods you should incorporate into your diet to boost performance and help recovery.

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