What if I already have a training plan?

That’s great, and now maybe it is time to fix the very last piece of the puzzle.

Your nutrition!

If you are frustrated that despite eating ‘healthily’ and replicating articles or social media trends from other athletes, and are still not seeing results, you may be seeing only a snap shot of their process and I can usually guarantee they have a nutritionist behind the scenes!

Can I just get a calorie and macro target for my child?

Working with young people I really try to stay away from 'numbers'. I feel this is just another thing for them to obsess about when what you want is them to develop a healthy relationship with food - realising the importance of it for performance.

Do I really need a nutritionist?

When the body is properly fueled, peak performance and optimal recovery is achieved.

I take out the guilt and show you how to continue to enjoy all of the foods you love, whilst still reaching your athletic performance targets.

Giving you an edge and making your chosen sport as enjoyable as possible is my aim.

Your kids will thank you for going this extra mile!