Sports Clubs Talks

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics,  Athletics, Cycling, Dancing..... the list is endless! These are sports where performance can be improved by simply making changes to your food.

For most sports, there are basic elements that have been proven by science time and time again.

My talks will look at these aspects and find simple ways to incorporate them so that all participants can see the benefits without making massive changes.

Dependent on the sport and the goal, my talks are tailored specifically for each club.
If you would like to see the difference nutrition can make for your club, simply click below and we can discuss your needs.

School Talks

If you are a school, there are many benefits to consider when inviting a nutritionist to talk to your pupils.

Dependent on student age, I engage and include the children in up to date and relevant information they can apply to their lifestyle, empowering and strengthening their knowledge of their own physical health.

These talks facilitate the physical health module in SPHE and many schools are embracing the importance of good physical health on emotional wellbeing for students.

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