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I’ll start Monday….

No wonder I hated Mondays as, for years, every one of them meant a new diet for me.

It would depend on what magazine I had been reading at the weekend, but every Monday I started again.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I was (and still am) an emotional eater and going through some hairy events in my life left me with a really bad relationship with food.


I was your typical yo-yo dieter. When things were going well I was ‘good’ and felt great about myself but then the shit hits the fan and I’d eat my way through the next few weeks until clothes are too tight and so the cycle continues.

I always wanted to be a certain clothes size, a certain number on the scales – these numbers defined me and my mood.


My big reason…

Then I had children, two wonderful little people (although not little anymore!). My eldest was a girl and I swore she would not grow up with the same relationship with food as me.

She pretty much copied everything I was doing from a young age so I knew talking about diets was not a good idea but when it came to it I really didn’t have a clue what a healthy diet should be.

I had learned my nutrition knowledge from the magazines and newspapers and the local weight watchers group with my science background I knew there must be more to it.

It was time to reskill, so I found an evidence-based nutrition course. This was important to me as I didn’t just want to be buying into the next fad.

The Qualification…

I am one of the lucky ones that was on the first intake of MacNutritionUni. This is fast becoming the gold standard of evidence based courses and right now has a waiting list to join.

What I learned on this course has completely changed how I eat, how I feed my children, how I look at health and how I view life in general.

I now realise that eating a pizza on a Friday won’t make you unhealthy and likewise eating a salad on a Monday won’t make you healthy.

It’s about eating in a ‘healthful’ way, eating in a way that you can stick to today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year.

Easy Peasy???

I don’t have the magic pill and I can’t promise it will be easy but I am here for you, I will support you through it, I will work with you until you find what is right for you, your life and your family.

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