For many mothers not a day goes by that we don’t feel guilty about something.

Mother – Noun: ‘a woman in relation to her child’. Verb: ‘bring up a child with care and affection’, ‘look after someone kindly and protectively’

No mention of guilt

‘Have I told them often enough that I love them’, ‘are their clothes warm enough’, ‘did I give them enough help with their homework’ ‘should I have their friends around more’, ‘do they need to train every evening’…

Then there is the guilt around food –

‘Should they have sugar on their porridge’, ‘have they eaten any veg this week’ ‘does a carton of orange juice count as fruit’ ‘chocolate biscuits aren’t actually bad are they’, ‘surely there is some protein in a McDonalds burger’

Yes, if you are a mother I bet at least one of the million thoughts we have every day leaves you feeling guilty

When I googled the dictionary to see if guilt was mentioned for the definition of a mother (it wasn’t) but what caught my eye was ‘What is the definition of a good mother’

A mother is a protector, disciplinarian and friend. A mother is a selfless, loving human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children.

Why must we ‘sacrifice’ our wants and needs? Yes, we want to raise ‘a competent human being’?- but do we need to run ourselves ragged and leave our health at rock bottom.

Stop sacrificing yourself you will be a much better mother if you are leading by example.

Today, let’s start to remove the guilt around food – no one food will make you unhealthy just as no one food will make you healthy!

I help mothers everywhere to realise that they can ‘bake the cake and eat it’!

We shouldn’t feel guilty, we should be enjoying every second of this wonderful gift of motherhood