Half-Day Retreat for tired, stressed women in Ballinrobe.

March 27th or 28th  – €100

Time to help you avoid burnout, feel healthier, calmer and more balanced and get tips and tricks to boost you energy and wellbeing.

Do you need it?

 Do you feel like a tried, grumpy, achy, fat, foggy pensioner (even though you still have to work for years!)?
Is your GP now on speed dial?
You think you have tried EVERYTHING and you are starting to wonder – is this as good as it gets?

But what if....

… you learned how to really take care of you and your body? Realised that you can solve much of your problems yourself, with a little help from me!

Find your balance, energy, health & happiness the natural way.

Why Me?

Like many other’s I have found the last two years tough.

The problem is my idea (and most people’s idea) of self-care is warped.

Some people enjoy a bath but I had no interest in this (the bath takes about 3 days to fill). Some people enjoy a facial or a haircut – again this wasn’t me. I thought self-care involved beauty products but I was wrong.

  • Moving my body is self-care
  • Eating nutritious food is self-care
  • Getting adequate sleep is self-care
  • Having a session of acupuncture is self-care
  • Meditation is self-care
  • and many other things that I started to give myself the time and space to do.

 Things that help me protect my mind, body and soul, things that help me to ‘care for myself’

 Now I want to give you the time and space to enjoy taking care of yourself.


How It Works

I’m holding 2 half-day retreats on Mar 27th at 4pm OR Mar 28th at 10am.

They will take place in a private lodge on the Partry Estate, just outside Ballinrobe.

The cost of the retreat is €100


Mini Acupuncture session

Using Chinese medicine to relax, reduce stress and improve sleep.


Meditation & Journaling

Where to start and prompts you can use


Nutrition Workshop

I’ll discuss balancing hormones and eating for health



We’ll have tea and snacks while enjoying the company of like-minded women

Why It Works

Acupuncture has often been used as a treatment for the symptoms of stress and tension. It can also help with the aches and pains many women feel as well as the sleeplessness. While I won’t be taking a full history, I will be using common points that help ease stress and improve sleep.

Nutrition is the basis of self-care. The food you eat nourishes and repairs the physical body. All too often we focus on our diet as a means to change body composition. In this retreat I will be focusing on eating for health and wellbeing and balanced hormones.

More and more people are discovering the benefits of meditation and journaling but many think it is more complicated than it needs to be. We will discuss some free apps that are really useful as well as some ideas about how to meditate. We will also have some prompts that are a nice place to start with journaling.

Acupuncture in a group setting is a wonderful experience as you can absorb the energy of the group as a whole. This connection with others strengthens the healing.

You can think of this retreat as hitting the reset button. It’s not going to solve all problems but if may just give you the space to reset and renew your energy. You will gain tips and tricks that you can carry forward and use each day to promote wellness and wellbeing in your own family life.


I don’t fancy the acupuncture needles

That’s perfectly OK. You can still enjoy the time without having the needles. I will show you how to just rub the point instead of using the needle. You will still gain lots from the retreat.

It’s Mother’s Day

Even better! Start dropping hints that you’d like this as a present or treat your mother by both coming – an ideal solution.

It’s not starting until 4pm on the Sunday so lots of time for them to spoil you first and then you can continue with this retreat.

Half a day – I need a full week

I know it’s not a lot of time but 10 minutes is better than no time at all. You’ll learn things that you can include in your everyday life and I’m hoping it will become a regular gig and may even become a weekend retreat!